Saturday, January 28, 2023

Italian Company Offers to Repair Iranian Historical Palace for Free

The managing director of an Italian company has promised to repair Masoudieh Palace, one of the oldest mansions in Tehran, for free in case it is commissioned to repair and utilize a number of Iranian caravanserais.

There are many monuments and caravansaries in the ancient road of Garmsar to Isfahan in central Iran, which dates back to Safavid era. The Italian company L. E. Genesis plans to renovate some of these historical places in a project titled “Iranian tourist areas on the edge of desert.”

“Our company seeks to repair and utilize a number of caravansaries in the road of Garmsar to Isfahan from Iranian Fund for Revival and Utilization of Historical and Cultural Places,” said Alan Ascherelli, the CEO of L. E. Genesis, according to a Farsi report by Mehr.

“L. E. Genesis is willing repair the magnificent Masoudieh palace of Tehran for free as a gift to the Iranian Fund if the project is launched.”

“We also plan to choose some historical monuments near the caravansaries to build tourist towns around them,” he added. “We intend to present the culture of local people.”

isfahanReferring to the importance of the Safavid road, he noted, “This 600km-long road is 25,000 square kilometres, so worthy tourist destinations can be presented there if we work on this path and its monuments.”

He went on to say that having worked on the caravansaries since two years ago, this company offers the latest technical and engineering services for monument revival in cooperation with 12 international experienced firms in the field.

Meanwhile, Mohammadreza Poyandeh, the managing director of Iranian Fund for Revival and Utilization of Historical and Cultural Places, said, “During the visit of Italian Prime Minister to Iran, the Fund established good relations with Italian investors.”

“Different Italian groups have negotiated with us for repairing our monuments, investment, and knowledge transfer.”

“Based on our negotiations with Iran’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, we can guarantee that every foreign country can make investment in Iranian monuments,” he added.

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