Israel Epitome of State Terrorism in Mideast: Iran

The moment an Israeli airstrike demolishes the building of a TV station in Gaza belonging to Hamas on Nov. 12, 2018 / Photo by Anadolu News Agency

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has censured the latest attacks launched by Israelis on Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip, saying such crimes prove that the Israeli regime is the epitome of state terrorism in the region.

Referring to the Israeli forces’ killing of several Palestinians including a resistance commander in Gaza, Qassemi said terrors, crimes and aggression of the usurper regime of Israel still go on with the support and encouragement of the US government amid the silence and accompaniment of some regional countries.

He also called for immediate international intervention to stop the Zionist regime’s terrors and war machine.

On Sunday night, Israeli special forces infiltrated an area near the southern city of Khan Younis in a civilian vehicle. However, Hamas fighters engaged in a gun battle with them while Israeli warplanes provided air cover for the soldiers.

One Israeli soldier and seven Palestinians, including a Hamas commander, were killed. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cut short his trip to France and returned to Tel Aviv following the incident.



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