Iran’s Steel Output Up 10% in 1st Half of 2020

Iran’s Steel Output Up 10% in 1st Half of 2020

Iran’s steel production has registered a growth despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The country’s steel production rose 10.2% to touch roughly 14 million tonnes in the first half of the year 2020.

Meanwhile, global production of steel dropped in the same period.

According to a report by the World Steel Association, 64 member states turned out more than 783 million tonnes of raw steel from January to the end of February, 2020, down 6% year on year.

Iran’s production crossed the 2.4 million-tonne mark in June, up 5.2% over the similar period in 2019. In a case study for a given month, average global steel production fell by 6% while it grew by 3% in Asia.

Meanwhile, steel production in Japan, South Korea, North America and Europe dropped sharply.

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