Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Iran’s President Wears Sporty Outfit on Casual Hike

Photos have been published of the Iranian president hiking in the mountains outside Tehran while wearing a baseball cap instead of his turban.

The photos taken on Friday show President Hassan Rouhani, usually seen in the turban and robes used by Iranian clerics, in a black baseball cap and matching ski jacket climbing mountains outside Tehran using hiking poles.

During the hike, which was taken in a rainy and snowy weather, Rouhani took pictures with many people including the younger generations of Iranians hiking Mount Tochal in early days of spring.

Rouhani posted the photos on his Instagram page and wrote, “This morning; young people who had come for a hike to Tehran mountains in aquite pleasant weather and relaxing nature.”

Here are photos of the hike selected by IFP:


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