Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Iran’s Hamadan Picked as Asia’s Hub of Tourism in 2018

The Iranian city of Hamadan has been chosen as Asia’s hub of tourism in 2018 by the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD).

The Asia Cooperation Dialogue is Asia’s largest tourism institution comprising 34 members. The ACD’s conference of tourism ministers in Cambodia this year picked the Iranian city of Hamadan as the continent’s tourism hub in 2018 due to the enormous tourism potentialities the city enjoys.

Hamadan’s tourism potential includes its Imam Square, the Hegmataneh (Ecbatana) historical site, the Pisa Hill, the Hajiabad Hill, the Baba Tahir Tomb, Avicenna’s Tomb, etc. Some archaeologists believe the city dates back to the Median era.

Below you will see a selection of photos of historical and tourist sites of Hamadan Province retrieved from ISNA.

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