Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Iran’s Foreign Policy Based on Cooperation with Regional Countries: MP

An Iranian lawmaker says Iran has always been ready to support its neighbouring countries, and has based its foreign policy on regional cooperation.

Khalid al-Jarallah, the Deputy Foreign Minister of Kuwait, announced last week that his country was to convey a message from Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to Iran.

“All the governments of Islamic Republic of Iran have insisted on having good relationships and interactions with our neighbouring countries,” said Mohammad Jamali Nobandegani, an Iranian lawmaker, in reaction to Kuwait’s mediation.

“Iran and its adjacent countries share a common culture and religion. Some illusions, however, lead to problems,” he added. “Some neighbours strive for the leadership of Arab countries over the region or serving as the US proxy in regional operations.”

“Unfortunately, some countries have no accurate perception of Iran and regional issues. So they have problematic relationships with Iran. We suggest that they get a real understanding of problems.”

According to a Farsi report by ICANA, he went on to say that others should consider Iran a powerful country. “Iran uses its power to boost integration and unity among regional countries, and to prevent non-regional forces from interfering in their affairs.”

“Iraq and Syria are Arab countries; Iran, nevertheless, has supported them.”

Jamali Nobandegani noted that Iran has been supportive of post-Saddam Iraq despite a history of war with this country.

He also compared the terrorist coalitions to a scorpion that pours its poison within regional countries. “I hope these countries seriously consider their cooperation with Iran, as Iran insists on it.”

“The Iranophobia project pursued by the US and Britain has harmful effects on regional countries,” he noted.

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