Friday, January 28, 2022

Iranian University Claims Its Antiviral Drug Treats COVID-19 Patients

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Officials at Abadan School of Medical Sciences in Iran’s Khuzestan Province claim the antiviral drug suggested by the research team of this faculty has had brilliant results on coronavirus patients at Taleqani Hospital.

Chancellor of Abadan School of Medical Sciences Shokrollah Salmanzadeh says the study of the effect of an antiviral drug on critically ill patients with COVID-19 has shown success in treating these patients and decreasing the length of hospitalisation.

Sara Mobarak, Head of the Abadan Infectious Diseases Research Group, says since the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country, a research team decided to use drugs that help treat the patient’s clinical symptoms.

“After hospitalisation of patients with corona at Taleqani Hospital in Abadan, our research team decided to implement a regimen next to the nationwide standard regimen on patients after obtaining the necessary permits from the health ministry,” added the Vice Chancellor for Education at Abadan University of Medical Sciences.

The early results of this regimen were very promising in the early days, and we achieved very stunning results compared to the national protocol regimen in terms of mortality rate and hospitalisation days, she went on to say.

Comparing the two groups, the mortality rate in the second group decreased to zero and the days of hospitalisation reduced.

“What was very important was that the people in the intensive care unit, who received artificial respiration, returned to normal breathing after four days and were discharged from hospital.”

She noted that for one month the drug had stunning results on 60 patients with COVID-19.

“We hope that by using this regimen and incorporating it into national protocols, we can take a major step forward in reducing hospitalisation period and ultimately lowering the death rate,” underlined Mobarak.

During a two-week follow-up period after receiving this treatment, the patients improved and were discharged from hospital, stated Mobarak.

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