Sunday, January 29, 2023

Iranian Students Donate Medical Supplies to American People

The university students of Iran have sent a shipment of health and medical supplies to people of the United States amid the outbreak of coronavirus that is rapidly spreading through the US.

The humanitarian aid, consisting of the necessary medical items for the fight against COVID-19, has been provided by the Iranian university students who are volunteer members of Basij.

The consignment of medical aid for the underprivileged American citizens, loaded into two trucks, has been delivered to the Embassy of Switzerland, which represents the interests of the United States in Iran.

The university students with membership in Basij in various provinces of Iran have been assisting the medical society since the first days of outbreak of coronavirus by producing masks and other medical goods. 

Ali Kian, an official at the Students Basij Organization of Iran told Fars that the shipment of humanitarian aid for American people has been delivered to the Swizz Embassy on March 31, which marks the Islamic Republic Day in Iran.

Over the past month, the young students have been working hard to supply part of the health system’s demands by producing more than 200,000 masks and thousands of liters of disinfectant per day, he noted.

Kian said the medical items have been distributed among the hospitals and people, mainly in the underprivileged areas of the country.

When the members of Basij witnessed the distressing conditions of the vulnerable American groups, they decided to donate part of the homegrown medical supplies to the underprivileged US citizens, particularly those in New York City, he added.

After handing the consignment of humanitarian aid to the Swiss Embassy in Tehran, the Iranian students wrote a letter to Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, calling for diplomatic efforts to help send the shipment to the American people.

In the letter, the Iranian students have highlighted their success to produce a broad range of medical supplies amid the outbreak of coronavirus, including various types of mask, disinfectants, face shields, hygienic pads, and hospital gowns.  

They have also cited a report by the Health Ministry showing a downward trend in new infection cases across Iran, saying the student-run plants that produce medical supplies have decided to donate part of their output to American citizens without any disruption to the domestic chain of supply and demand.

The aid consignment is fully sterilized and bears a humanitarian message, the letter noted.

Asking Foreign Minister Zarif to help send the shipment to the US, the students said they respect the diplomatic and political principles, and would let the cargo undergo verification tests and go through health standard procedures.

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