Iranian security force killed in terror attack in Sistan and Baluchestan

An on-duty member of the Iranian police force has been killed in a shootout with terrorists at a police station in the town of Rask in southeastern Iranian Sista and Baluchetan Province.

The firefight broke out at 1 a.m. local time on Wednesday and continued for three hours.
At last, members of the terror grouping failed to infiltrated into the building and fled the scene.

The police have launched a manhunt for the armed terrorists.

The terrorist secessionist group Jailsh-ul-Adl has claimed responsibility for the attack.

In a similar incident, the police command center in Rask had come under attack days ago.
The terror attack left at least 11 dead and 8 wounded.

The group has been behind several terror attacks inside Iran that have left dozens of people killed and injured.

Officials say Jailsh-ul-Adl is enjoying support from the US and Israel. They mainly sneak into Iran from neighboring Pakistan.

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