Sunday, November 27, 2022

Iranian Scientists Produce Livestock Embryo in Lab

A group of Iranian researchers has managed to produce livestock embryo in laboratory in order to get better results from cattle breeding and freezing them for use in the required conditions.

Consuming milk and dairy products and putting it in one’s diet is important from birth to adolescence, youth, middle age and old age periods. Therefore, human beings have always been trying to add to the amount of production and diversity of these products, but the main issue before dairy production is the livestock’s health.

On this basis, experts and health professionals began to concentrate on edible milk products by ensuring the health of livestock and poultry.

A knowledge-based company in Iran has been producing livestock embryo in lab in large quantities. The CEO of this knowledge-based company, Jamshid Jalilnejat Hallajian says using this technology is aimed at improving the livestock reproduction process in case of thermal stress and in controlling of the transmission of some diseases.

He reiterated the improvement of quality and quantity is one of the most important aims of the production of embryos.

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“With the production of the embryo, it is possible to quickly test the samples of a female animal and decrease the gap between generations.”

Jalilnejat also added that these embryos have been exported to Azerbaijan Republic adding that the company has been able to increase its milk production from 120 to 170 tonnes per day in 2014.

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