Saturday, January 28, 2023

Iranian Parliament Urges Rouhani’s Gov’t to Act against JCPOA Violation

Iranian parliament members condemned the US deceitfulness in extending sanctions on Iran, asking the government to protest at the US violation of the nuclear deal.

“Iran’s diplomatic apparatus should counteract the US extension of anti-Iran sanctions,” stated Hossein Ali Hajideligani, a senior Iranian MP, according to a report by Keyhan newspaper, as translated by IFP.

“The extension of sanctions shows that we still cannot trust the US and American statesmen,” he said.

“By extending the sanctions on Iran for 10 years, the US has practically violated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and our government and diplomatic apparatus should act effectively against the US deceit,” he added, affirming that to resolve the economic problems, Iran has to rely on its internal capacities.

“This long-term extension of sanctions should make some people understand why others worry about them being overly optimistic toward the West, and that we should provide the means of Iran’s development inside the country,” Hajideligani went on to say.

“Our Leader insisted on US deceitfulness since the beginning of negotiations,” said Farhad Tajari, another Iranian lawmaker.

“The move by US will strengthen the mentality of fight against imperialism within Iran, and shows others who blindly bought the US promises that Washington is dishonest, and the first violator of Human Rights,” he added.

“Those who associated the solution of all problems in Iran with our agreement with the US should wake up and invest on resistance economy,” MP Seyyed Nasser Mousavi Laregani told Tasnim.

It is necessary for Iran to act against US deceitfulness

“We should neither count on US nor believe its statesmen’s words,” stated Sodeif Badri, the representative of Ardabil and spokesman of Iranian Parliament`s Civil Commission in this regard. “The government should counteract US dishonesty in a precise timeframe, with a view on the articles of JCPOA.”

“Iran’s foreign ministry should be more active in this regard, and express its protest against US policies in the international community,” said Hajideligani.

“Having failed to meet its obligations, US should be accountable to the international public opinion,” said Valiollah Nanva, the representative of Babolsar and member of Iranian Parliament`s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, according a report by Tasnim. “We investigate in this commission the issue of sanctions’ renewal and the ban on selling aircraft to Iran.”

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