Saturday, January 28, 2023

Iranian Official to Saudi Regime: You’ll Finally Come for Talks!

A senior Iranian official believes that the Saudi regime will come to the negotiating table once its oil incomes are over. Until that time, Iran will remain patient, he said.

“It will take time for you to come to your knees and run out of oil revenues,” Hamid Aboutalebi, the Iranian President’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Political Affairs, said in his Twitter account on Saturday, July 23.

He went on to say that the heavy cost of supporting terrorism, extremism and massacre will finally make Saudi rulers yield under financial pressure, as reported by KhabarOnline and translated by IFP.

“You were kids when the ‘Memorandum of Advice’ or ‘Muzakirat Al Nasiha’ was written in Medina, based on which you fathers exported extremism and terror and selected Imams for the world.”

“Relations between your fathers and Iran used to be friendly for three decades. When children become ministers, they first of all criticize their own fathers. This is megalomania.”

“We are much patient until the heavy cost of your regional interventions gets you to a critical situation. You will come for talks [at that time],” he stressed.

Aboutalebi made the remarks in reaction to recent anti-Iran statements by the Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir. During a recent speech about terrorism at the Egmont Research Centre in Brussels, Jubeir made some allegations against Iran, claiming that Tehran supports terrorism.

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