Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Iranian MPs set conditions for comprehensive nuclear deal

Iranian MPs urge the country's nuclear negotiators to bravely and wholeheartedly shield the dignity of the Iranian nation in talks with P5+1.

As many as 260 Iranian MPs released a statement Monday [March 16] which sets conditions for a comprehensive nuclear deal with P5+1 to take hold.

The following is a partial translation of the statement which was read out in the chamber by Zargham Sadeghi, a member of the Presiding Board of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, as reported by the Iranian Students News Agency:


While emphasizing the previous statements and decisions of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, especially the one that requires the government to stick to the nuclear achievements of the nation, we, members of this assembly, urge the nuclear negotiators to bravely and wholeheartedly shield the dignity of the Iranian nation – which has a very important position in regional and global equations – against American tricks and acquisitiveness.

The nuclear negotiators are expected to take account of the following as the absolute rights of the nation:

1. Removal of sanctions all at once and termination of Iran’s nuclear case at the UN Security Council should be a precondition for the implementation of a comprehensive nuclear deal.

2. Holding on to the nuclear achievements and fully restoring the nuclear rights of the nation under Article 4 of the NPT is what the Iranians unanimously want.

3. In case the other party fails to live up to any of its commitments, the deal should be scrapped and enrichment should be resumed at any level the country needs.

In light of the expression of concern by the Supreme Leader, confronting the US tricks which come in different shapes and forms undoubtedly requires more vigilance on the part of Iranian negotiators.

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