Friday, May 17, 2024

Iranian MP: People getting weaker due to rial plunge against dollar

An Iranian member of parliament has issued a stark warning about the rising inflation in the country. Kazem Delkhosh Abatari said people are becoming weaker and weaker as a result of soaring prices.

Abatari added that the citizens face a huge challenge as their livelihoods are dependent on the prices of the dollar and gold.

The lawmaker noted that officials want to resolve problems but this cannot be done by fighting.

According to Abatari, the branches or the government and state organizations cannot engage in a fight to solve the woes of citizens.

He also said the majority of Iranian MPs are on board to help President Ebrahim Raisi solve the problems.

The Iranian rial has hit record lows against the US dollar in recent weeks. The dollar was fetching as much as 601,500 rials on Iran’s unofficial market on Sunday and later dropped several thousand tomans to hit 560,000+ rials.

Iranian officials have blamed this depreciation of the national currency on a conspiracy hatched by Iran’s enemies.

President Raisi earlier said the adversaries failed to achieve their goals through rioting on Iranian streets and have now resorted to this plot to foment discontent among Iranian citizens so as to pit them against the Islamic establishment.

But Raisi’s critics put the blame on mismanagement on part of the government.

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