Friday, September 22, 2023

Iranian MP lashes out at purported nuclear deal between Iran and US

Iranian deputy hits out at a purported Iran-US nuclear agreement which he says crosses the red lines of the Islamic establishment.

Tasnim, a news agency, reported on October 28 that an Iranian MP has said Tehran and Washington have reportedly clinched a nuclear deal which in his words “crosses the red lines of the Islamic establishment”. The following is the translation of the brief report:

Alireza Zakani, who represents Tehran in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, told an open session of parliament on Tuesday that he has heard from sources that the Iranian and American negotiators have finalized a nuclear deal. But the silence of the Iranian diplomacy machine in the face of American hallucination has emboldened the Great Satan to seek more and make more baseless allegations.

“That some individuals who are close to the nuclear case have sought to launch a campaign which suggests ‘any deal is better than no deal’ is humiliating and condemnable. We want the country’s security agencies to get to the bottom of the issue,” Zaklani said.

He went on to say that reports suggest the implicit agreement between the two sides “crosses the red lines of the Islamic establishment. That will certainly violate the rights of the Iranian people and trample their nuclear achievements.”

“Submission to the unfair demands of the US that Iran decrease and change the nature of its enrichment activity in return for the partial easing of sanctions is unacceptable and runs counter of the national interests of Iran and the Islamic establishment,” Zakani said.

Article 125 of the Constitution entitles the Islamic Consultative Assembly to vote on the international commitments of the government, he stated, adding, “Unfortunately, as far as the nuclear case is concerned the Islamic Consultative Assembly is kept in the dark and MPs are not being informed about what is going on. Failure of the executive branch to take note of the viewpoints of MPs will cause problems for which nuclear negotiators should be held accountable.”

In conclusion the MP called on IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) to organize expert debates to let the public in on what is really going on.

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