Friday, May 24, 2024

Iranian Lawmakers Endorse Anti-Israel Motion ahead of Quds Day

The Iranian Parliament has endorsed an anti-Israel motion which outlines the manner of confrontation on the national and international scale with the Tel Aviv regime’s “atrocities”.

According to the motion, which was unanimously endorsed by the Parliament in a Monday session, companies affiliated with Israel will be banned from participating in any international exhibition, conference, congress, and seminar held in Iran.

The use of any Israeli-made hardware and any software platform belonging to Israel will be prohibited in Iran.

No Iranian company will be allowed to offer services to these platforms. Any violation will result in prison term and other punishments, the motion said.

Any intelligence cooperation with or spy activity in favour of Tel Aviv will be regarded as “Corruption on Earth” and will be punished in severest form (death penalty).

It is also illegal for Iranian officials to hold any political cooperation, deal, interaction or exchange of information with official or non-official figures and bodies affiliated with Israel. Any violation of this ban will result in imprisonment and permanent removal from official positions.

The motion also bans any direct or indirect intentional assistance for Israel – in security, military, political, cultural, media, and economic fields – which helps reinforce or recognize the Zionist regime.

Any transit of goods produced by companies affiliated with Israel through the Islamic Republic of Iran is illegal. Any Zionist living in the occupied territories will also be banned from entering Iran. Any violation of this article will result in imprisonment and deportation.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Foreign Ministry is obliged to lay the groundwork for the creation of the Islamic Republic’s Virtual Embassy in Palestine within six months, and submit the results for approval to the cabinet.

In so doing, the Ministry was required to conduct consultations with the countries that it saw fit, the motion said.

The Ministry was also asked to pursue Iran’s initiative for “realization of nationwide referendum in Palestine” — a plan that the Islamic Republic has devised with emancipation of the territories from Israeli occupation in mind.

Iran’s Attorney General was, meanwhile, tasked to work in cooperation with the Ministry and other relevant domestic and foreign bodies towards prosecution of Israeli officials at competent tribunals for their “atrocities”.

The government was also required to try preventing the prospect of any normalization with Tel Aviv on the regional scale and among the world’s Muslim countries, and outline the “Zionism worse than Apartheid” mindset across various international organizations.

The Islamic Republic’s cultural bodies, including the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), were assigned the task of engaging in extensive cultural activity aimed at “exposing the Zionist regime’s nature and atrocities.”

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