Iranian carpet-weaver replaces loom with canvas

By Monavar Ramezani
By Monavar Ramezani

Monavar Ramezani, a veteran Iranian carpet-weaver, takes up painting and proves successful in the new gig.

Application of varied colors and perfect juxtaposition of them are the standout features of the paintings by Monavar Ramezani, also known as Naneh Hassan. Inspired by Mother Nature and the designs of Persian rugs, these paintings take you by surprise because you don’t expect a self-taught painter to be so good at putting the brush to canvas. A career in weaving carpets that spans almost 70 years should be partly credited for the delicate designs and perfect choice of colors in her works.

According to a 280th issue of Tandis Biweekly which appeared on newsstands in mid-August Ramezani, whose failing eyesight has forced her to quit weaving, put her paintings on display at an exhibitionin Tehran. The photo gallery below features some of her paintings:



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