Sunday, March 26, 2023

Iran Gets Connected to 4 Video Game Developers

Iranian ICT Minister says Iran has become directly connected to four video game developers which are popular with the younger generation.

Iran’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology declared the country has been directly connected to well-known video game developers Valve, Riot, Blizzard and Gameforge.

“Talks are underway to transfer the servers of [entertainment and video developing] companies popular with the youth as a permanent solution,” said Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi on his Instagram page.

He said the ping in international connection with the products of the four companies has reached 80 milliseconds, and has been improved by around 50% compared to the past.

“The jitter has also been improved considerably,” the minister added.

Ping and jitter are very important in playing video games. The ping rate, which is also known as latency, is a number that corresponds to delay time on the Internet measured in milliseconds. The higher the number, the more data transfer delays you might experience, and sense, while you are online.

If you play online games, then you want the latency to be less than 30ms. For other online activities, anything under 100ms would be good enough, according to a Farsi report by ISCA News.

Jitter refers to the amount of variation in the latency when multiple ping tests are performed. Wired connections such as Cable, Fiber, DSL, etc. will always have a lower latency than wireless connections such as Satellite, LTE, Wi-Fi, etc. Lower latency and lower jitter is beneficial in applications such as online gaming and VoIP (Voice Over IP) communications.

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