Friday, February 23, 2024

Game Industry

Iran Uses Video Games to Boost Flood-Hit Children’s Morale

Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation has dispatched a video game van to a flood-hit area in the north to raise the morale of children in the makeshift camps.

Iranian Girls Commit Suicide under Influence of Blue Whale Game

Two teenage girls have jumped off a pedestrian bridge in the Iranian city of Isfahan after falling prey to the deadly Blue Whale challenge, a police official said.

Iran Gets Connected to 4 Video Game Developers

Iranian ICT Minister says Iran has become directly connected to four video game developers which are popular with the younger generation.

Copyright Bill High on Iran Parliament’s Agenda: Minister

Iran’s minister of culture says the country’s Parliament is set to discuss and approve a bill on copyright and intellectual property in coming weeks.

Iran’s Parliament Supports Domestic Video Games Production

By charging higher taxes on import of computer games to Iran, $3.1 billion would be allocated to game production in Iran this year, an Iranian MP says.

Why is Pou so popular?

A psychiatrist answers questions as to why Pou is so popular among men and women of different age.

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