Friday, January 27, 2023

Iran Unveils Robotic Nurse amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Researchers at the Ardabil Science and Technology Park in north-west of Iran have succeeded in designing and building a robot that can replace nurses.

The robot has been designed and manufactured in four days at the request of the governor of Ardabil with the support of the head of the Ardabil Science and Technology Park amid the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

The nurse robot’s capabilities include wireless network and internet connectivity, rechargeable CCTV, microphone and speaker, computer and mobile command, laser anemometer, high operating speed, handling up to 15 kilograms of drug and food, and online video and audio communication.

The robot is named “Hakim” (literally physician), which is derived from the name of Hakim Mohammed Davoud, the famous sage of Sheikh Safieddin Ardebili‘s court.

This is the second robotic nurse being named after the sage.

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