Iran Unveils Four Domestically-Made Probiotic Products

Iranian Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari and a group of high-ranking government officials have unveiled four new-generation probiotic products made by a knowledge-based company at Pardis Technology Park in the vicinity of Tehran.

One of these probiotic products is made with domestised technical knowledge in order to prevent gastric ulcer. It is also used in prolonged prevention and reduction of Helicobacter pylori in Iran.

It is being used in more than 38 countries, and the export of each kilogram of this product will bring over 1,500 euros to the country. The product has been funded by the Iran Biotech Fund.

“Lactogem” is another product that is developed to inhibit tooth decay bacteria and prevent gum inflammation.

The company has also presented two daily basic probiotics for the elderly as well as teens and adults.

This knowledge-based company has introduced 40 products to the market, all of which are made using native technology for the first time in the country.

Probiotics, dietary supplements and nutritional supplements are among the company’s most important knowledge-based achievements.

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