Friday, September 29, 2023

Iran Unveils 6 Homegrown Products for Coronavirus Fight

Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology has inaugurated an international health technology complex that includes innovation acceleration centers in Tehran, and has also unveiled six homegrown products used for preventing and treating the novel coronavirus.

In a ceremony at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and Health Services on Saturday, Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari inaugurated the university’s “Technology and Innovation International Complex”.

The vice president walked through a domestically-made disinfecting gateway upon entry into the hall, as his body temperature was measured by the device.

In comments at the event, Sattari said the statistics for the coronavirus epidemic in Iran show that the country’s innovation and technology ecosystem has produced acceptable performance in handling the disease.

“The technology and innovation ecosystem that has been shaped, particularly in the field of biotechnology, has been helpful in this path. The knowledge-based companies and the active human forces in this ecosystem have acted in a good and timely manner,” he noted.

The vice president then inaugurated the international technology and innovation complex that is going to include acceleration centers contributing to the development of the country’s innovation and technology ecosystem.

The complex currently involves two acceleration centers working on pharmacology and food sciences, but eight more acceleration centers are scheduled to come into operation in the complex to conduct research in the fields of medicine, cosmetics, biotechnology and digital health.

The domestic centers are going to develop various products such as pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and relevant software. The Iranian start-ups will also enhance their activities in those centers.

On the sidelines of the event, the vice president unveiled six Iranian-made products for coronavirus diagnosis, screening and treatment.

The new products include a smart gateway that monitors the body temperature with temperature sensors, measures the oxygen saturation of blood, and can be integrated with the employee database of organizations or the integrated data systems.

Another new product unveiled in the exhibition was an ozone generator equipped with ozone measurement sensor. The Iranian device is used for air disinfection and can produce ozone on-site. The generator obviates the need for disinfectant chemicals, can replace medical autoclaves in hospitals, and does not leave any stain on the equipment, surfaces or clothes.

The other product was a face shield made up of nanomaterial. The flexible shield has been designed to meet the demands of the medical personnel.

The vice president also unveiled three test kits used for the molecular diagnosis of the novel coronavirus.

The other new products include COVID-19 rapid diagnosis test kit, COVID-19 management system, and an application dubbed TAK, which includes solutions for nutrition, safety and coronavirus prevention.

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