Friday, May 24, 2024

Iran to UN: Israel behind recent terrorist attack in Isafahn

Iran’s representative to the United Nations has in a letter to the world body’s chief and the president of the UN Security Council said the Zionist regime was behind the recent terrorist attack on a military facility in the Iranian city of Isfahan.

Amir Saeed Iravani said the attack was a violation of international law and deplorable.

Iravani referred to the Zionist regime’s January 27 statement at the NATO headquarters and the January 16 remarks by the regime’s military chief and protested at their threats to the use of force against Iran’s vital infrastructure including its nuclear facilities which are in breach of international law and the UN Charter.

The letter also points to the January 31 interview of the Zionist regime’s prime minister with CNN and his admission that Tel Aviv was involved in acts of terrorism and sabotage in Iran.

Iravani noted that Israel must be held accountable for its murderous and criminal activities against Iran and must pay a price for them.

He further urged the UN Security Council to fulfill its responsibilities under the UN Charter and condemn the war-mongering statements of the Zionist regime.

The Iranian envoy noted that the top world body must also demand the Israeli regime abide by international law and end its dangerous and destructive schemes in the region.

The letter stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran reserves the right to respond to any threat or wrong move by the Zionist regime at the time and place of its choosing, describing this right as “inalienable and legitimate.”

The letter at the end outlined Iran’s policy toward the ongoing war in Ukraine, saying Tehran has been neutral in the conflict and respects Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence as well as its territorial integrity.

The Iranian envoy however protested at a provocative comment by a Ukrainian official about the terrorist attack in Isfahan and described such statements as “irresponsible” and “a violation of international law and the UN Charter.”

Iravani also called on the UN Security Council to condemn the Ukrainian official’s remarks.

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