Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Iran to Receive 20,000 Coronavirus Test Kits from China: Spokesman

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced plans for receiving a shipment of 20,000 novel coronavirus diagnostic test kits from China.

In a statement on Thursday, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi outlined the measures taken by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist the hardworking Iranian healthcare and medical sector in the battle with the COVID-19.

“Immediately after the confirmation of outbreak of coronavirus in the country, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also put the efforts to pursue the international dimensions of the issue, such as the supply of the medical needs, on the agenda in company with the Health Ministry by setting up the headquarters of the fight against coronavirus,” the spokesman added.

Mousavi said the plans for receiving voluntary help from the friendly countries have been pursued and are being gradually finalized.

“The first consignment in this regard (the fight against COVID-19) has been provided by the Chinese government and Red Cross, which includes around 20,000 coronavirus test kits and some other supplies, and will be delivered to the country tomorrow with a special flight of Mahan Air, according to the plans,” the spokesperson noted.

Mousavi finally praised the Chinese government and people for their generous help, adding that further details about the aid provided by China and the other friendly countries will be announced after finalization.

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