Sunday, April 21, 2024

Iran summons Swiss diplomat to protest seizure of ship off Greece waters

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has summoned Switzerland’s chargé d'affaires as protector of the US interests in Iran to convey Tehran’s strong protest to Washington over the seizure of a cargo ship with Iranian flag off Greece waters.

The Swiss chargé d’affaires was summoned in the absence of the European country’s ambassador as Iran is making efforts to secure the release of the vessel and its cargo that was confiscated by Greek authorities under the US pressure.

The Foreign Ministry told the Swiss diplomat that the confiscation has been a blatant violation of international law, maritime law and international conventions regarding freedom of shipping and international trade.

The Foreign Ministry has earlier summoned the Greek chargé d’affaires over the issue, saying confiscation of the cargo of the ship with Iran’s flag was an example of international piracy for which Athens would be held responsible

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