Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Greek court revokes confiscation of Iranian oil cargo

A court in Athens has overturned an earlier ruling that gave the United States the thumbs up to own a part of an Iranian crude oil shipment seized in the Greece’s territorial waters.

The Iranian Ambassador to Athens Ahmad Naderi, said in a tweet, “Following intensive follow-up, the Greek Appeals Court has overturned the initial ruling on confiscation of oil belonging to Iran.”

The envoy also said, “The issue will remain on the agenda of intensive consultations to ensure full implementation of the ruling,” adding, “With God’s grace, the entire oil shipment will be returned.”

Naderi highlighted that guarding the Iranian nation’s rights is a red line.

Greek navy forces seized the Iranian-flagged vessel on April 19, off the island of Euboea.

The Greek government announced that it would deliver 115,000 tons of Iranian oil to the United States.

Tehran termed the move as “an act of piracy” and announced it was going to take “punitive action” against Athens.

Following the seizure, Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) confiscated two Greek ships in the Persian Gulf for violating rules and regulations.

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