Friday, July 12, 2024

Iran strongly condemns Saudi-led strikes against Yemen

Iran has strongly condemned the latest Saudi-led bombing of Yemen that killed large numbers of civilians in the war-torn country.

Offering condolences to the bereft families of the dead, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said the continuation of attacks on Yemen amid the silence and indifference of the international community and uncontrolled arms sales to the aggressors have made it more difficult than ever before to establish fair peace in Yemen.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that the countries supplying arms to the aggressors and causing the deaths of Yemeni women and children are accomplices in the crimes and must be held accountable before the world public opinion.

Khatibzadeh also said the continued siege and bombing of Yemen show a lack of serious will on the part of the international community to push for political settlement of the Yemen crisis and is indicative of insistence on the destructive military approach which will have no outcome but the devastation of Yemen and the destabilization of the wider region.

Yemeni sources say the Saudi-led airstrikes on Friday killed at least 82 people and wounded scores more. The strikes hit targets across Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen including a prison and damaged the country’s internet infrastructure.

The Saudi-led war on Yemen has killed thousands and displaced millions since it began in March 2015. The UN has described the Yemen situation as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

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