Friday, December 2, 2022

Iran Slams Europe’s Policy towards US Regarding JCPOA

Ali Shamkhani, the Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), says the EU’s policy in giving concession to the US in order to satisfy Washington to remain in the nuclear deal is a sign of the bloc’s passivity and surrender to Trump’s psychological games.

Speaking in a Monday meeting with France’s Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian in Tehran, Shamkhani stressed that the European parties should accelerate meeting their commitments regarding the nuclear deal.

“Failure of the nuclear agreement will lead to the failure of the credibility of international deals and the logic of dialogue to resolve global issues,” pointed out the senior Iranian official.

Referring to the efforts made by the Islamic Republic of Iran in its fight against terrorism in Iraq and Syria, he emphasized that if it was not for the costly fight of Tehran against terrorism, it could turn into an uncontrollable crisis that could spill insecurity and instability over in Europe, including France.

Shamkhani also referred to the presence and the free activities of anti-Iran terrorist groups in France and said, “The failure of Paris to stand against the terrorist groups that were involved in the assassination of thousands of innocent people in our country is in contradiction to France’s international responsibility of fight against terrorism.”

“This [France’s failure] will certainly not help the development of relations between the two countries,” he added.

Shamkhani further noted that Iran’s expansion of defence capabilities, especially the country’s missile power, is an inevitable necessity in the way of implementing the country’s deterrence policy.

Iran’s defence capability has not been a threat to any country and its development, without being influenced by the political components, is part of the country’s security needs in the face of potential threats.”

Regarding the recent UN Security Council resolution proposed by some European countries on Yemen, Shamkhani said it was disappointing and showed the indifference of Western countries to genocide and human rights abuses in Yemen and the humanitarian disasters in the impoverished country.

“Closing one’s eyes on the blockade of the innocent and defenceless Yemeni people, and indifference to the widespread outbreak of famine and illness in this country has led to the supposition that there is a preference for the economic benefits gained from supporting Saudi Arabia and the UAE,” he added.

Talking about the Syrian crisis, the Iranian official said if the trend of supporting armed terrorists would be stopped and the Syrian-Syrian negotiations would be followed up, stability and peace will return to this country.

The Iranian official further welcomed the expansion of bilateral political and economic ties and called for the removal of the remaining obstacles in the way of banking transactions after the nuclear accord saying that the logic of any international agreement is that all parties and the international community protect it.

He noted that asking one side to remain committed and being indifferent to the breach of obligations by the other side is not acceptable.

For his part, Le Drian said he is pleased with making the visit to the Islamic Republic and meeting with the high-ranking officials of the country.

“We are well familiar with the history, power and capabilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and believe that in the post-JCPOA era, the prospects of political and economic relations between Iran and France is very promising,” added Le Drian.

He also appreciated the active role of the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding the nuclear agreement and Tehran’s fulfillment of its commitments.

“The French government, while emphasizing the need for the signatories to comply with their commitments, believes the positions of the United States weakens this international agreement and Paris disagrees with it,” noted the French official.

Le Drian further mentioned that new strategies will be announced soon in order to facilitate financial and banking ties between Iran and France.

The two sides conferred on ways to expand bilateral relations and exchanged views on regional issues and international security as well.

Le Drian arrived in Tehran Sunday night. He will meet and negotiate with his Iranian counterpart and President Hassan Rouhani as well.


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