Thursday, December 8, 2022

Iran Slams France for Double Standard on Terrorism

Iran has strongly criticized the French government for allowing the terrorist Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) to hold its annual gathering in Paris.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Bahram Qassemi referred to the MKO terrorist group’s recent Paris gathering and said holding such events is not unprecedented.

“Since 1981, the terrorist group has been trying to artificially boost the morale of its members through brouhaha, holding campaigns as well as gatherings like this one in Paris,” he said in a Farsi interview with ISNA.

Qassemi went on to say that the MKO leaders usually spend a hefty amount of money to invite some figures notorious for their extremist stances against Iran to deliver speeches during their meetings.

“By spending money, the terrorist group always brings some spear-carriers together in its annual meetings,” he noted.

The spokesperson stressed that the gathering has nothing to do with the visit of Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to France.

“The MKO usually holds its annual meeting during these days of year as a propaganda show [to attract attentions]. Our complaint is that why France government permits the terrorist group to hold such events,” he noted.

He added that Iran has lodged an official complaint to France over allowing MKO to hold meeting in Paris.

The Iranian spokesman added there is no doubt that France has made a serious mistake by allowing the terrorist group to hold its annual meeting in the French capital.

“Terrorists are terrorists anywhere and France should drop its double standards when it comes to terrorists,” he stressed.

Earlier, the Iranian Foreign Minister also denounced the Paris event and said the presence and activities of the terrorist group in France were regarded as a moot point in relations between Tehran and Paris.

On Saturday, the MKO terror group held a meeting in Paris, which was attended by some of the former US, European and Saudi officials, including former Saudi spy chief Prince Turki al-Faisal, who also delivered a speech.

The gathering was even broadcast live by the Saudi-owned al-Arabiya news channel. The notorious group has carried out numerous terror attacks against Iranian civilians and government officials over the past three decades.

The US and the EU recently removed the MKO from their terror lists, despite the group being responsible for killing nearly 17,000 Iranians since the victory of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution.


Iran Hates MKO

Iran Slams France for Double Standard on Terrorism

While the MKO terrorist group (also known as MEK) was holding its event in Paris, thousands of tweets with the hashtags #IranHatesMEK and #No2MEK were posted by Iranian users all around the world, showing the entire nation’s hatred towards the notorious cult.

The number of tweets were so many that the hashtags became world trends for a while on Saturday night.

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