Iran Self-Sufficient in Making Several ICT Products

An Iranian company has produced more than 100 products in the field of communications and information technology, making the country self-sufficient in various areas.

The products developed by the knowledge-based company are used by numerous domestic and foreign media networks.

The Samim Group has more than 20 years of experience in the development of more than 130 unique products as well as offering solutions and comprehensive hardware and software programs.

At the moment, its products are being used in more than 100 local and international TV networks. Many visual media outlets, operators, studios, etc., are using the products and solutions offered by this company in order to improve the quality and quantity of their services.

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The company is also party to a contract with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Broadcasting (IRIB), which has obviated the need to buy similar equipment from abroad.

This company also ranks first in the national Supreme Informatics Council in terms of software production and logistics.

The company draws on both domestic capabilities and the latest international scientific and technological advances to develop its products.

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