Friday, October 7, 2022

Iran Says Surprised by London Meeting on Tragic Plane Crash

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman has expressed surprise at a London meeting attended by representatives of countries whose nationals lost their lives in the recent tragic plane crash in Iran.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi said he was surprised over the remarks made at the statement.

“We were surprised at some viewpoints expressed and even at the holding of this meeting,” said Mousavi on Friday, while once again condoling with families of the deceased.

“In order to console the bereaved families and due to the humanitarian dimensions of this incident, the Islamic Republic of Iran offer great and more-than-expected cooperation to the delegations dispatched by these countries,” he said.

“To inform the public and people of other countries, we announce that almost all bodies have been identified, and technical examinations are underway in cooperation with all parties, and the different institutions of our country will continue such cooperation as far as it is permitted under the law and regulations,” he said.

“Still, it is strange that one day after initial procedures were conducted and work was underway to identify almost all victims not to mention cooperation in other areas, the Canadian foreign minister read out such a statement and even called for consular access while such access had been granted on the day of the accident due to the humanitarian dimensions of the incident,” said the spokesman.

“Over the past few years, the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced to the Canadian government through different channels that regardless of the condition of political relations between the two countries, it would be in the interest of nationals of both countries if consular agencies were active in both countries given that consular relations are associated with individuals’ rights,” he said.

“However, the Canadian government refused to hold direct talks in that regard due to political issues and cooperation with the US to put pressure on Iranian and Iranian-born nationals,” he added.

“Now, it is unclear what motive lies behind such comments and claims,” he noted.

“We ask all parties not to cash in on humanitarian issues, especially this tragic event, to secure political interests, and to allow affairs to run their course the way they are being handled at the moment away from any controversy and be completed,” he said.

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