Saturday, July 13, 2024

Iran president says satellite launch proves failure of western sanctions and threats

Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi has stated the successful launch of the Nour-3 satellite into orbit marks yet another national success, proving failure of the enemy's sanctions and threats.

Raisi has congratulated the nation on the successful launch of the Nour-3 imaging satellite into the space, describing the achievement as another sign of the failure of the sanctions and threats by the enemies of the Islamic Republic.

The president issued a message on Wednesday, hours after his Minister of Information and Communications Technology Issa Zarepour announced the launch by the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps’ Aerospace Force.

“The production and placing the Iranian Nour-3 satellite into an orbit of 450km from Earth, using Iranian satellite carrier Qased, once again showed that threats and sanctions have no impact on the determination of our young scientists for the progress of the Islamic Iran,” Raisi said in his message.

He called the launch “a national success” and the result of his administration’s attention to the country’s space industry.

The president expressed gratitude towards all those active in that industry. He also called on the Ministry of Information and Communications as well as the Iranian Space Agency to continue to pave the way for the progress of the country’s space industry.

Iran seeks to expand its aerospace sector to be able to use satellites for various applications, including for management of agriculture lands and for research activities.

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