Saturday, December 3, 2022

Iran President Introduces Two New Ministerial Picks to Parliament

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has introduced two new picks to the parliament for the ministries of education and cultural heritage, putting them to the vote of lawmakers.

The Iranian president on Monday introduced Mohsen Haji-Mirzaei as his pick for the Ministry of Education, and Ali-Asghar Mounesan for the newly-established Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism.

Former Iranian Minister of Education Seyyed Mohammad Bat’haei had earlier resigned in June, allegedly for running in parliamentary elections.

The other ministerial pick, if elected by lawmakers, will be tasked with establishing the new Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism, which is to replace an organization with the same name, currently headed by Mounesan.

The plan for establishing the ministry was ratified by the Parliament and approved by the Guardian Council earlier this year, and now Rouhani has to establish it as soon as possible.

The change is expected to further enhance and boost the tourism industry, and increase employment and investment opportunities in this field.

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