Monday, December 5, 2022

Iran parliament approves general outlines of nuclear bill

Under a parliamentary motion on the nuclear case, the IAEA can only run conventional checks of [Iran’s] nuclear sites within the framework of the Safeguards Agreement.

The Iranian MPs on Sunday adopted the general outlines of a motion which obliges government to safeguard the country’s nuclear achievements. The chamber will go into session on Tuesday to review the details of the motion.

Fararu on June 21 published a report on the parliamentary motion and its articles read out by Speaker Ali Larijani in an open session as well as Larijani’s remarks and the reactions they drew from fellow MPs. The following is the translation of the report:

Larijani said to protect national interests and comply with the Safeguards [Agreement] of the NPT, the results of nuclear talks with P5+1 would be reliable if they transparently meet the following requirements:

One: The removal of sanctions should be fully and comprehensively included in the text of the [final] agreement. Termination of sanctions should be carried out the day Iran starts to fulfill its commitments.

Two: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is allowed to run conventional inspections of [Iran’s] nuclear sites within the framework of the Safeguards Agreement. The agency is not allowed to have access to sensitive non-nuclear, security and military sites as well as [the country’s] documents and scientists. The decisions of the Supreme National Security Council should be implemented.

Three: No restriction is accepted when it comes to acquisition of peaceful nuclear technology and knowhow as well as research and development, and the decisions of the Supreme National Security Council should be implemented.

Note One: Under Articles 77 and 125 of the Constitution, the results of the talks should be presented to the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

Note Two: The foreign minister is required to present a report to the Islamic Consultative Assembly on the implementation of the agreement every six months.

Parliament’s National Security [and Foreign Policy] Committee will submit a progress report of the agreement to the MPs every six months.

After Larijani read out the articles of the legislative motion on safeguarding nuclear achievements, the MPs voted on its general outlines. The motion was adopted 199-3. There were five abstentions out of a total of 213 votes cast.

Prior to reading out the general outlines of the motion, the top MP said that efforts made by the deputies to piece together this motion have proved successful, adding the motion has taken everything into account.

When Larijani was reading out the motion, a number of MPs protested by asking why the Supreme National Security Council [should be involved]?

The speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly replied, “The Supreme National Security Council is supervised by the Supreme Leader and we should not tie the Leader’s hands. We have to obey what the Supreme Leader decides on this.”

Larijani went on to stress that the Supreme National Security Council is not linked to the executive and that it is supervised by the Supreme Leader.

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