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Iran Sat for Talks over Nuclear Program as It Wasn’t for Defence: IRGC Chief

Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari says Iran sat for talks over its nuclear energy program because it did not serve defensive purposes.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently said that a new series of criteria and a new treaty should be negotiated with Iran to stop their ballistic activities in the region.

Speaking to reporters in a press conference on the latest developments in the Middle East on Thursday, the IRGC chief-commander dismissed Macron’s statements, saying such remarks are deeply rooted in his naivety and immaturity.

General Jafari stressed that Macron will soon understand that his attempts to curb Iran’s missile program will end up in failure.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will never sit for negotiation over its missile program. Our government is against any talks over its missile program and the westerners will soon come to this conclusion that their efforts to hold talks with Iran on this issue will never come to fruition,” he was quoted as saying in a Farsi report by Fars News Agency.

The Iranian top commander went on to say Iran distinguishes between its nuclear and missile program. “Iran accepted to sit for talks over its nuclear program because the program is not part of the country’s defence capability but the missile program is directly interconnected with our security and we view it as non-negotiable.”


ISIS Reign Over

He also referred to the complete eradication of ISIS in Iraq and Syria and said, “Today, the ISIS’ reign has come to an end and the terrorists have lost their control over any land, city and village in the region.”

“This, however, does not mean that the terrorist group has been completely destroyed.”

According to General Jafari, the sporadic ideological presence of the group will reach different parts of the region and the terrorists backed by the US, Israel and their own leaders, will go to various countries. “This means that the regional states need to prepare themselves for insecurity and suicidal and guerrilla attacks in future.”

Jafari said the terrorists of ISIS may reorganize themselves in some parts of the region to retake a city but “their attempts are desperate and futile.”

Elsewhere in his statements, the Iranian commander said no one can claim there would be no further insecurity in the region “because destabilization is among the easiest jobs for the terrorists and we should prepare ourselves for destabilizing measures of the enemy.”


Lebanon, Israel’s First Target 

The chief commander of IRGC also referred to Lebanon’s Hezbollah saying the resistance movement’s identity is deeply rooted in its arms. “Hezbollah’s identity is being armed against the sworn enemy of the Lebanese nation that is Israel because Lebanon is Israel’s first target.”

He once again said any new war in the region will wipe off Israel from the political map of the region and added Israelis have seen parts of Hezbollah’s military capabilities during 33-day and 22-day wars and “the creation of the huge front of resistance during the past years verifies the authenticity of our claims about the future of Israel.”

According to ja’fari, today all members of resistance front are united with each other and if one member gets involved in any war with Israel, the other members will step into the fray and inflict a heavy defeat on Israel.


Hope for Lasting Ceasefire in Syria

The top commander of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps also expressed hope that the recent trilateral meeting between the presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey could lead to a stable ceasefire in Syria.

He also said the IRGC and Iranian nation are prepared to contribute to Syria’s reconstruction project and said this is the Syrian government, however, who must decide which states take part in the reconstruction project. “We have already held preliminary talks with the Syrian government in this field and arrangements are underway for Iran’s participation.”


Mobilization Force, Key Force in Latest Regional Achievements

Congratulating the Iranian nation on beginning of Basij (Mobilization Force) Week in Iran, Jafari said the voluntary forces played a key role in the recent victories in the region.

“Many regional countries have been inspired by Basij as well as the 8-year resistance of Iranian nation during Imposed War,” he said.

Basij was established at the early years of the Islamic Revolution at the order of Late Founder of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Khomeini.

“Today, we see that Lebanon’s Hezbollah movement which defends the country against Israel, serves as Lebanon’s Basij,” he said.

The Iranian commander went on to say, if it was not for Syria’s Basij, the country would have been disintegrated so far and there was no a singly Syria.

He also referred to the experience of Iraq and said the Popular Mobilization Units, established following the call of top Shia cleric, Ayatollah Sistani for national defence against ISIS, played a key role in the great victories of Iraqi army in its fight against the terrorists.


ISIS Remains Threat against Islam

Elsewhere in his statements, the IRGC top commander pointed to the warning issued by the Islamic Revolution Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei against overlooking enemies new plots and said “as the leader said the latest victory put an end just on the rein of ISIS. ”

He stressed this does not mean that the group has been completely eradicated. “ISIS remains active in small and underground groups in various countries including Afghanistan. It is a threat to Islam. So, we have put fight against the group at the top of our priorities.”

Ja’fari said the defeat of ISIS’ rein in the region does not mean the threat against resistance front has ended because “fight against the puppets of the arrogant powers continues.”

He added though some of the enemies’ plots like the secession vote of Iraqi Kurdistan Region have been foiled but they will not sit idle and “we have to brace ourselves for their further conspiracies.”


Iran Not after Direct Confrontation with Saudi Arabia

Ja’fari stressed that Iran is not seeking a direct confrontation with Saudi Arabia. “We view the US and Israel as our main enemies and don’t seek to get involved in any direct war with their puppets.”

The Iranian military commander went on to say Iran’s self-constrained policies towards Saudi Arabia should be viewed within this context. “We don’t like to get involved in any direct confrontation with Saudi Arabia and our recommendation to them is not to stand in the way of the Islamic Revolution resistance front “otherwise they will be hit by the quivers of our larger wars.”


Enemies Have to Come to Their Senses

IRGC chief commander vowed that the Islamic Republic of Iran is capable to crush its enemies. “So, they need to stop their animosity towards the Muslims and come to their senses.”

He once against congratulated the Iranian nation on the defeat of ISIS rein in Iraq and Syria saying the Basij has always stood behind the Iranian nation in their fight against security plots as well as natural and unnatural plights.

Ja’fari also referred to the latest statements by Iran’s leader on calling all Iranians from all walks of life a Basiji member and said over one-third of Iranian people are organized as Basij members and those who are not officially registered “can play their key role in various field because Basij is established with the aim of offering services to people.”

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