Iran Not to Let US Change Equations in Syria: Advisor

A senior advisor to Iran’s foreign minister says the Islamic Republic is a key player in Syria and will not allow the United States to change the equations to its benefit.

Hossein Sheikholeslam, a top aide to the Iranian foreign minister, strongly denounced Washington’s missile strike on a Syrian air field.

He further underlined that Iran, as an important actor in Syria, will not let the US and its allies change the equations to their benefit.

“The attack is condemned from every perspective and we, as the mighty power on the ground in Syria, will not allow the equations to change in Syria after (victories in) Aleppo,” Sheikholeslam said on Monday, according to Fars.

He said that the Americans’ missile strike against Syria before scrutinizing and finding the culprits behind the Idlib chemical attack was unacceptable.

Washington may be able to fire missiles but the main role is played by those who enjoy the power on the ground, the Iranian advisor went on to say.

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