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Iran spokesman says Tehran has not quit nuclear negotiations

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani has stated that Tehran has not quit the negotiating table with the world powers over the 2015 nuclear deal, saying that arriving at an agreement requires the US pragmatic attitude.

“Iran has not left the negotiating table and the country expects the other sides to be responsible,” he told reporters at his weekly press briefing on Monday.

“Iran is faithful to the process of talks,” the spokesperson said.

In an answer to a question about the US midterm elections, the diplomat noted that the Islamic Republic does not care what happens in the United States; the only important issue is that Washington has to put its hostile and illegal measures against Tehran aside.

IAEA resolution against Iran

Kanaani stated the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) resolution against Iran was politically imposed on the Board of Governors by US and three European countries.

The Iranian diplomat highlighted that Iran is committed to the implementation of the Comprehensive Safeguard Agreement, and will continue to cooperate with the IAEA based on the accord.

The official said that the IAEA was informed about the action was taken in the presence of the nuclear agency’s inspectors, adding that “Unfortunately, the resolution was issued while Iran has the most transparent peaceful nuclear program compared to the number of facilities under the supervision of the agency in the world”.

Most inspections carried out by the agency have been carried out on Iran’s nuclear activities, he said adding, The expectation was that in response to Iran’s positive action and constructive cooperation with the Agency, relations between two sides would get good results, especially following the discussions of the Iranian delegation with the Director General of the UN nuclear agency.

About the possibility of referring Iran’s case to the Security Council and using the trigger mechanism, Kanaani said: ” I do not wish to make predictions regarding the possible next steps of these countries. As Iran has already announced that it will have a constructive interaction in return for constructive interaction, and on the contrary, it will have a decisive, serious, and effective reaction in relation to any possible non-constructive action by these countries.”

“We recommend that the countries that, unfortunately, use international forums to seek political approaches and exert pressure, stop these approaches and do not allow the politicization of specialized and international organizations,” he added.

Politicizing human rights not constructive

About the human rights resolution against Iran Kanaani said: “We have expressed our views on this matter. Iran’s view is that politicizing the issue of human rights is not productive and the instrumental use of human rights cannot help advance the values and goals of the international community regarding human rights.”

He added: “In our opinion raising Iran’s human rights issues in the UN Human Rights Council is an action with political motives and we condemn these actions. West’s approach is non-constructive and will not contribute to the promotion of human rights in any country and the international community.

“Some western countries are using human rights as a tool whose human rights record is very dark. There are countries in the United Nations Human Rights Council, and some of them are permanent members of the Security Council, which throughout history have committed massive crimes against humanity and endangered the peace, security and tranquility of humanity, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said adding that “Some of These countries killed thousands of people in wars and interventions for their political desires.”

“We believe that human rights claims against independent countries and their use to advance political goals disrupt the process of promoting the issue of human rights as an issue with a high status in the international community. We emphasize that countries that care about human rights should stand against these non-constructive approaches,” the diplomat continued.

Iran’s military operation against terrorists in Iraq

In response to a question about the actions of terrorist groups from the Kurdistan Region of Iraq against Iran, Kanaani stated: “Iran expects that there will be no threat to Iran’s security from Iraq, and Iraq must not be used as the place and point of threats against Iran.”

“We expect that the Iraqi government and the local government officials of the Kurdish region will fulfill their international responsibilities and fulfill the obligations they gave in the framework of bilateral negotiations with the relevant authorities of Iran,” he continued.

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