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Iran: Nakba Day reminder of bloody era of genocide, massacre, displacement, occupation against Palestinians

The Iranian Foreign Ministry, in a statement on the anniversary of the Nakba Day or the Day of Catastrophe when Israel came to existence, said the fake Zionist regime, which is the clear symbol of official organized terrorism in the world, adds a new disgraceful page to its thick ledger of international crimes every time.

The statement referred to the discovery of the mass graves in al-Nasser and al-Shafa hospitals in the Gaza Strip, adding it depicts a harrowing picture of the brutal regime’s crime against humanity.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the Zionist regime for killing more than 35,000 innocent people and injuring 75,000 people and displacing hundreds of thousands of people in Gaza.

It also slammed the all-out political, military, intelligence and economic support for the Israeli regime by the US in over the past seven months.

The statement reads, “May 14, 1948 was the beginning of the miserable era of the occupation of the Palestinian lands and the flagrant violation of the rights of its oppressed people, especially their right to self-determination whose sinister repercussions have affected the region and the Muslim world for 76 years and has turned into a deep and painful sore on the body of the Islamic world”.

Pointing to the British colonialism in the creation of the Zionist regime, the statement says “Nakba Day is a reminiscent of the beginning of the bloody era of genocide, massacre, displacement, occupation and desecration of the holy land of Palestine with the green light and direct as well as indirect support of the colonial powers of the world, with the United States on top of them.”

The statement referred to the resolution approved by the UN General Assembly on May 10 regarding the full membership of Palestine in the UN, adding the Islamic Republic of Iran declares its support for Palestine’s full membership in the United Nations and believes that accepting Palestine as a full UN member is the first step and a turning point in dealing with the historical injustices against the Palestinian people.

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