Thursday, February 22, 2024

Iranian Intelligence Ministry: Mossad mercenaries sought to detonate 8 powerful bombs inside Iran

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has issued a statement giving more details of an operation that foiled a terrorist attack inside Iran by the Zionist regime’s notorious spy agency Mossad.

The statement said the Mossad terrorists wanted to blow up a sensitive military site in Iran.

It added that those who were supposed to carry out this plot were members of the anti-Iran terrorist group Koomeleh which now works as a mercenary and proxy group for Mossad.

The Intelligence Ministry noted that its agents, after arresting the terrorists, let them to remain in touch with Mossad’s officers in order to identify and apprehend other members of this terror ring. According to the statement, the Intelligence Ministry achieved its goal and captured the other members of the cell.

It added that the terrorists had so many weapons and pieces of equipment that they had to inset them into appliances carried by human porters across the border.

These weapons included 8 highly powerful bombs for the detonation of the main target and 8 smaller bombs for destruction of the equipment the terrorist ring was carrying after completing their mission.

A number of firearms with silencers and also makeup tools as well as a large amount of foreign currencies were seized from the terrorists.

Other items confiscated from them were fake Iranian and foreign ID documents.

The Intelligence Ministry noted in its statement that despite the fact that the plot was foiled, it reserves the right to respond to this conspiracy by the Zionist regime.

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