Monday, April 22, 2024

Iran Makes PCR Covid Tests Obligatory for All Inbound Travelers

The Imam Khomeini International Airport, the main entry point for foreign flights in Iran, has made PCR tests for coronavirus obligatory for every traveller entering the country, even those who have been vaccinated.

“Vaccinated travellers must have a negative PCR test for entering Iran. Having a health certificate upon arrival in Iran is obligatory for all passengers,” said Mohammad Reza Seif, caretaker of the General Department for Safety and Quality Assurance of Imam Khomeini Airport City.

He was answering the question whether vaccinated travelers from Europe, Canada, etc, are also required to have negative test results on them.

“The outbreak of the Delta variant of the coronavirus has led us to make it obligatory, even for vaccinated people, to test and offer definite proof on not being infected with Covid-19,” Seif said.

“The new Delta variant is still unknown and, based on the decisions made by the National Taskforce on coronavirus and the letter by the representative of the minister of roads and urban development as well as the correspondence by the Health Ministry, all travelers entering Iran must have negative test [results] on them upon arrival.”

“The regulations have been announced to all airline companies and relevant announcements have been placed on their websites and passengers, who are going to travel to Iran, have been notified since last week.”

Seif stressed that travelers are told of the regulations when they move to buy tickets to prevent possible confusion upon their arrival in Iran.


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