Thursday, December 8, 2022

Iran Launches 1st National Game & Learning Plan for Kids

The Nika Educational Complex is the first school in Iran implementing a national game and learning plan in District 7 of Tehran.

The school has initiated the national scheme that stresses the pleasant impact of intellectual and physical games on children’s mental, physical, emotional and social growth.

The educational centre has managed to bring the plan closer to its main objective, i.e., making learning easy and attractive. The quality and quantity of the educational toys on the one hand, and well-trained and specialized teachers on the other hand have also enabled the school to identify children’s disorders while playing games. Spotting children’s disorders further helps parents to more easily contribute to the process of evaluating their children’s performance.

Games and math, lovely sciences, painting, making animations (filet books), exciting toy animals, entertaining number games, story-telling, physical exercises, and “tell the difference” game are part of the curriculum in this plan.

In all classes at this school, students learn their lessons using playing and learning techniques designed by creative teachers. This method of education makes educational concepts etched in students’ minds. Using educational games creates a lively atmosphere and makes children much more interested in learning, so much so that they like to stay in school even after school hours.

Iran Launches 1st National Game & Learning Plan for KidsThe extra-curricular programs include English lessons with fun, life skills, individual skills, music, computer lessons, story-telling, theatre and stage performances, field trips, painting, calligraphy, making handicrafts, origami, cooking, robotics and seasonal camps.

Also, the “Assignment at School” plan is designed for children whose parents both work and have little time to supervise how their children do their assignments.

It is worth mentioning that the amount of homework assigned by teachers is proportionate to the weekly activities, which conform to the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS). PIRLS is an international standard to assess reading comprehension achievement in children. The assignments also seek to improve children’s oratory skills.

Currently, as many as 340 students are studying at Nika School. It has 90 staff members, including principals, deputies, instructors, administrative personnel and waiters. The complex houses 9 specialized educational playing areas where game and learning activities are done. There are also two separate gyms for pre-university students and first-graders. Sixty-four CCTVs are installed in different locations at the complex as well.

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