Sunday, January 23, 2022

Iran, Kyrgyzstan Discuss How to Make Mutual Cooperation Immune to Sanctions

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Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif held talks with his Kyrgyz counterpart Ruslan Kazakbaev in Bishkek on the second leg of his four-nation tour of Central Asia.

In the Tuesday meeting, the two top diplomats discussed bilateral issues, regional cooperation and international issues.

The Iranian foreign minister expressed congratulations on the recent presidential election in Kyrgyzstan being held successfully and on Nowruz, touching upon age-old, historical and cultural relations between Iran and countries in the region.

He at the same time noted that the extent of trade-economic relations between Iran and Kyrgyzstan is not on a par with the existing potential, calling on both sides to utilize the great potentialities which exist in order to boost mutual cooperation, especially in technical-engineering, road-building, dam construction and transportation domains as well as building thermal, solar and hydro- power stations.

Zarif highlighted some of the impediments to the enhancement of mutual cooperation, including the coronavirus pandemic and Washington’s unilateral, illegal and cruel sanctions.
He expressed hope the pandemic could be tackled through vaccination.

He also said he hopes the US would lift sanctions and make good on its commitments, paving the way for Iran and Kyrgyzstan to benefit from mutual cooperation in economic and trade areas.

Zarif also emphasized the necessity of making Tehran-Bishkek relations immune to sanctions, once again reiterating Iran’s willingness to work closely with the the Eurasian Economic Union.

Kazakbaev, in turn, expressed gratitude to Iran for sending humanitarian aid to Kyrgyz people in the fight against COVID-19, especially at a time when Iran is feeling the pinch of sanctions.

He also referred to mutual cultural ties as well as common values, and said his country was ready for all-out cooperation with Iran on different fronts, including in agriculture, production of medicines, construction of small- and medium-sized hyrdor-electric power stations and re-establishing flights between the two countries.

Among other topics discussed were regional issues, including the peace trend in Afghanistan and Iran-Kyrgyzstan cooperation in regional and international domains.

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