Sunday, April 14, 2024

Iran intelligence minister warns those aiding, playing host to Israel

Iran’s intelligence minister says Israel only shortens its existence through its own acts of mischief, warning that all those who either aid the regime or play host to it will pay the price for their actions.

Esmail Khatib on Friday praised the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) for conducting a “timely” and “powerful” missile raid on positions of Israel’s Mossad spy agency in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region in response to the regime’s evil acts.

The IRGC’s response, he added, will contribute to the security of the people and the Islamic establishment.

Two Mossad training centers were razed to the ground in Erbil in the Iranian missile attack, which was carried out last Sunday in response to Israel’s earlier killing of two IRGC advisors deployed to Syria.

“Anyone who provides support or plays host to this anti-Islam, anti-religion and anti-human regime should know that it will eventually pay the price,” the intelligence chief said.

Khatib said the enemies of Iran have been doing everything in their power to counter the Islamic Revolution.

“They were once after reaching the borders of Islamic Iran arrogantly through the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan so that they can overcome the country, but [instead] they either left or are leaving the region in disgrace,” he added.

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