Saturday, December 9, 2023

Iran in Photos: People of Kalat Still Hold Their Weddings in Traditional Way

Wedding celebrations have long been held in a traditional way in the town of Kalat in Iran’s North Khorasan Province.

People of this region observe very unique customs during their weddings.

The ceremony begins at the groom’s house with women in bright red silk dresses. Then they go to the house of bride’s sister and the groom’s brother to invite the families to attend the traditional dress-wearing ceremony of the bride and groom.

The bride and groom’s clothes are made of pure silk produced in Kalat.

After wearing traditional clothes, the bride’s shawl is tied over her head. The shawl is made of a special silk so that she can see all around from under the shawl, while her face is not visible.

These ceremonies are mostly observed to boost interaction among all families.

Here are some photos of the wedding ceremony in Kalat retrieved from Mizan News Agency:


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