Iran-IAEA agreement under the media spotlight

A visit by the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to Iran and the Agency’s agreement with Tehran have been hitting the headlines in the country.
IFP has gone through the headlines of major Iranian newspapers.


1: Eslami in a joint press conference with Grossi: Talks were useful


Aftab Yzd:

  1. We withdrew or they did?
  • Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency issue a joint statement. Iran says there has been an agreement over the continuation of technical negotiations. The West, however, talks about cameras monitoring the nuclear sites.


Arman Melli:

  1. A positive step; Consensus in Tehran-talks in Vienna



1.Agreement, the result of the nighttime visit of Grossi

  • Inspectors are allowed to carry out overhaul of the monitoring equipment and replace the memory cards



  1. Hassn Beheshtipour, an analyst on nuclear issues, tells Etemad: Cooperation with the Agency should continue so that the events of the years 2006-2010 will not be repeated
  • Sanctions will not be lifted without talks



  1. The agreement between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency over servicing the monitoring equipment



  1. Nuclear talks out of the shadow of the bad cop pressure



  1. An understanding between Iran and the IAEA ahead of the meeting of the Agency’s board of governors meeting


Jame Jam:

  1. The Diplomatic Sunday of Tehran
  • The Iraqi prime minister and the head of the IAEA simultaneously visiting our country



  1. Iran did not reveal its secrets to the IAEA


Jomhouri Eslami:

  1. Iran and the IAEA agree to continue cooperation



  1. Conditional agreement with the IAEA
  • IAEA inspectors are allowed to replace the memory cards, jointly sealed and kept in Iran
  • An informed source told Khorasan, the permit will be valid if only the Agency does not approve any resolution against Iran



  1. Agreement reached



  1. Rouhani’s JCPOA in Raisi’s hands
  • The head of the Atomic Energy Agency visits Iran, his first trip in the new administration


Vatan Emrooz:

  1. Eyes wide shut
  • The Agency still does not have access to the footage of its monitoring cameras


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