Monday, February 26, 2024

Iran holds nationwide aerial drills

The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force is holding massive nationwide drills involving bombers, jet fighters, and attack and surveillance drones.

During the main phase of the drills on Thursday, Army Air Force aircraft used heavy weapons including laser-guided missiles.

Iranian aircraft destroyed vital mock enemy targets using indigenous bombs and Yasin 90 standoff missile, while interceptor planes practiced air combat at low altitude.

Islamic Republic of Iran Army Air Force Commander Brigadier General Hamid Vahedi said one of the features of this exercise is that all air force bases across the country are involved in it in a decentralized form with a centralized command control.

General Vahedi said during the main phase, manned aircraft using the latest electronic warfare techniques disabled enemy air defense systems providing a safe route for drone operations.

Kaman-12, Karrar, Kian and Arash combat drones, equipped with different types of warheads and carrying optimized bombs with pinpoint precision, using the principle of surprise, targeted and destroyed vital enemy targets including surface units and ground radars, he explained.

Vahedi also said jet-powered Karrar drones, which were equipped with 500-pound bombs and rockets, successfully and accurately destroyed their targets.

The air force commander said this exercise conveys a message of security, stability, friendship and lasting peace for the countries of the region, a message of reassurance for Iranians and demonstrates readiness to defend and respond decisively in case of mistakes and miscalculations by the enemies.

Iranian armed forces regularly hold military drills aimed at assessing their combat readiness and their capabilities to defend the country’s territorial integrity.

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