Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Iran FM: Regional crises cannot be resolved through force

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Iran’s Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian says Tehran believes crises and problems in the West Asian region cannot be resolved through force, militarization and hegemony

He was speaking to reporters in Doha on the sidelines of his meetings with Qatari officials on Tuesday.

He added that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always played a pivotal, constructive and fundamental role in regional affairs, and that Iran has been on the right side of the regional developments, both in the fight against the Daesh terrorist group and in regional dialogue.

“We support any initiative that contributes to stability, security and development in the region,” he said.

Amir Abdollahian added that Iran welcomes these ideas and present them, hoping the region will develop further.

The Iranian foreign minister also said Tehran keeps its regional friends posted on the latest developments and negotiations in Vienna.

Amir Abdollahian noted, as neighbors, Iran’s friends have the right to be in the know of the negotiations between the Islamic Republic and the P4 + 1.

On Iran’s nuclear program, Amir Abdolalhian said, “We believe that the peaceful achievements of Iran’s nuclear program can be made available to all neighboring and Muslim countries. It is natural that some negotiators in Vienna try to cause concern among our neighbors by misrepresentation. Therefore, one of the goals of this regional trip is to tell the Islamic Republic’s account of the Vienna talks to its neighbors”.

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