Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Iran has first female sea captain  

An Iranian woman, who previously grabbed the attention of media and state officials as the first female seafarer of Iran, has made history this time around after being promoted to the rank of naval captain.

Raheleh Tahmasbi started her seafaring career in 2010 with a sailor certificate in Bandar Lengeh port city, southern Iran.

After 7 years of relentless efforts and seafaring activity, she was promoted to the rank of a lieutenant officer. The same year, Tahmasbi was chosen as Iran’s exemplary seafarer and the first female one.

Captain Tahmasbi already holds a Master’s degree in computer. She started her activity in the field of teaching marine courses by receiving a TFT certificate and has been working as an instructor of sea survival techniques.

The shining page of captain Tahmasbi’s career is that she was selected as an influential woman in Iran in 2018, and she has successfully completed a three-month commanding course this year, currently serving as the first female naval captain in Iran and the Middle East.

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