Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Iran Dismisses “Absurd” Reports on Moving Missile to Iraq

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has vehemently rejected a media report that claimed Iran is giving ballistic missiles to Iraq.

In a Saturday statement, Qassemi dismissed the reports as absurd, meaningless and ridiculous.

The claim has been raised by certain notorious centres and media outlets, and is totally irrelevant and basically false, he added.

According to Qassemi, such reports are aimed at spreading fear among the regional states and are part of the enemies’ Iranophobia and anti-Iran policies.

The main purpose of these false and ridiculous reports is to negatively impact the Islamic Republic’s foreign relations particularly with its neighbours, Qassemi noted.

Back on Friday, Reuters cited some unknown Iranian, Iraqi and western intelligence officials as claiming that Iran has begun moving missiles into Iraq.

The report identified the missiles as Zelzal, Fateh-110 and Zulfiqar models with ranges varying from 124 to 435 miles.

It also claimed that the Islamic Republic is contributing significantly to the construction of a new missile production facility in Syria.

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