Thursday, December 7, 2023

Iran Develops Homegrown Mask Production Machines

Iran’s Vice President for Science and Technology says with the help of knowledge-based companies, different types of mask production machines are being made in the country.

Sorena Sattari said the country is producing 400,000 nano-filters per day for N95 hospital masks amid the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus.

These nano-filters are being developed by an Iranian company called Nano Scale Technologists, and this capacity will soon multiply.

“Iran is one of the few manufacturers of the machines for producing such filters because of its high technology and dominance of nanotechnology in the Islamic Republic. This is very important as the country is in dire need of medical and nano-masks,” noted Sattari.

Coronavirus online testHe maintained in only about 10 days, the first mask production machines were manufactured by two domestic knowledge-based companies, and these companies are mass-producing the machines right now.

The important thing is that the two companies are ready to export these machines after meeting the domestic need, he noted.

“When the ecosystem of capable, knowledge-based private companies exists within the country, these companies can, in a short period of time, solve the problems in any field.

Therefore, we can produce mask-making machines and raw materials as much as we can.”

Although it will take some time for these machines to be manufactured and installed, soon the country’s problems in providing masks will end, underlined Sattari.

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